Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5B00

Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5B00

Download Restter canon iP2770 v1074 free :

change to Service Mode iP2770 :

1. Printer off condition.
2. Press RESUME 2 second and press POWER
3. Release RESUME, but press  POWER Button.
4. Press POWER button  and press RESUME 5x. led on orange
5. Release power button and resume
6. Wait led blink and than green normal
7. Device detect...ignore
8. SERVICE MODE and ready to reset.

Run Resetter iP2770 v1074 :
1. Exctract File Resetter iP2770.
2. Run program Resetter iP2770

3. Clik "MAIN", printer processing and than printing teks" D=000.0 "

4. Clik " EEPROM Clear ".
5. Than clik " EEPROM ", and printing this page:

6. Turn Off printer.


Been trying to use this Service Tool but wasn't able to proceed in printing "D=000.0". Upon clicking the "Main" button, it hangs up and in "not responding" status. What might be causing this problem? Any help from you guys is highly appreciated. Tons of Thanks!!!

same problem here i already downloaded several type of service tool, change "JPN" to "ASA" Region, Meet error 006, error 005, but still not responding... doing things like going to service mode and nothing happens always end UP Not Responding...

Resetter v.1074 atau v.2000 "not responding" pada IP 2770 error 5B00???
Ada yang memiliki solusi pintar??

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